Drug Charges

If you are charged with the possession of illegal drugs, do not face the justice system alone. Many drug cases involve the search of your home, vehicle, or person. The United States Constitution and the Georgia Constitution require that the police follow certain procedures when they search you or your property. Unfortunately, not all attorneys are familiar with those procedures. We are skilled in examining all of the circumstances surrounding a search and analyzing the applicable law. If your rights were violated, we will vigorously fight to have your charges dismissed. We have been successful in having both felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges dismissed by challenging police conduct.

Never enter a guilty plea to drug charges without consulting an experienced attorney. A drug conviction can result in huge fines, substance abuse treatment, community service, long term probation, driver’s license suspension, and time in jail. In addition, many people are unaware that a drug possession conviction will remain on their criminal history indefinitely. This type of conviction can prevent you from obtaining employment, joining the military, being accepted into colleges and universities, and obtaining financial aid. We know how to use Georgia law to your advantage. Through the use of Georgia statutes, we can prevent a drug possession conviction from following you the rest of your life.

Drug Addiction

In these harsh economic times, many otherwise law abiding citizens turn to drugs to deal with the many hardships and stresses of modern day life. Individuals suffering from addiction face the revolving door of the justice system without their underlying problem being addressed. We have been extremely successful in convincing courts to allow our clients to enter into substance abuse treatment facilities. This type of result not only addresses their addiction, but also avoids lengthy jail sentences. We have seen many clients break the cycle of addiction and become productive members of society.