Many people that are convicted of a crime are not satisfied with the outcome of their case. Perhaps you feel your attorney made mistakes that contributed to your conviction. Maybe an overzealous prosecutor didn’t play by the rules. Or, perhaps the judge that presided over you trial made incorrect evidentiary rulings or sentenced you outside the bounds of the law. If you believe that you have been wrongly convicted of a crime or wrongly sentenced do not wait to take action. Time is limited to challenge a conviction. Without the aid of an attorney experienced in appeal matters you can end up stuck for life with a wrongful conviction. We will take the necessary action to preserve your rights and examine everything that happened at the trial level to determine if you are entitled to a new trial or a reversal of your conviction.

Motion for Reconsideration/Modification of Sentence

If you were convicted at trial or entered a guilty plea and you feel that your sentence was unnecessarily harsh, there are steps you can take to request a modification of your sentence. Often times when a person is sentenced after a trial or after a guilty plea, important information is not presented to the sentencing judge for consideration. Sometimes, circumstances change after a sentence is handed down and the sentencing judge may be willing to modify your sentence to reflect your current circumstances. A sentence can be modified to change a jail sentence, fine amounts, community service, length of probation, and any other condition of your probation. However, the time to file a motion to modify your sentence is limited. If you are not happy with your sentence, you must act immediately. Contact us and we can explain what options are available to you.

Withdrawing your Guilty Plea

When a court accepts a guilty or nolo contendere plea, it must first be determined that it was knowing, voluntary, and intelligently made. It must be shown that you understood that you are waiving important rights that you would have had at a trial. If you were given incorrect advice by your attorney, you may be in entitled to withdraw your plea. Withdrawing your guilty plea requires an attorney that is knowledgeable and well versed in the legal requirements for a valid plea. If you are concerned that your plea was not legally entered, don’t wait to contact us and we will thoroughly examine the circumstances involving your plea and will advise you of your options.


If you feel you were wrongfully convicted at trial or that evidence was improperly introduced/ withheld, you may be entitled to a direct appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals. Errors made during the trial can include ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, or judicial error. The time to assert an appeal is limited. Contact us immediately, and we can advise you of your appellate rights.