Robert Smyly - Battery

State of Georgia vs. M.E., Henry County State Court

My client’s employee came to his trailer demanding payment of his wages. My client acknowledged that he owed him the money but explained that he did not have it and would pay the employee the following week. His employee refused to leave his residence after several requests. My client picked up the employee, carried him to the front door and threw him down the stairs resulting in visible injuries. I argued that my client had a right to use reasonable force to eject a trespasses and he was found not guilty at a jury trial.

State of Georgia vs. E.C., Clayton County State Court

My client was charged with family violence battery when his juvenile daughter claimed that he choked her. There were graphic photos of burst blood vessels in her eyes. He claimed that the child had choked herself. I was able to elicit testimony from a teacher that testified that she had seen similar injuries on children who had played the "choking game". Client was found not guilty after a jury trial.

State of Georgia vs. G.S., Henry County State Court

Client was charges with Family Violence/Battery when his girlfriend called the police for help and then had visible bruising. At trail I introduced a history of difficulties between the parties some of which involved the alleged victim being the aggressor. The Client was found not guilty at a jury trial.