Nicolle Ramsey - Probation Violation

State v. T.L., Dekalb County Superior Court

The Client was on probation for felony theft by taking. The Client had violated his probation by getting arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Possession of Marijuana. The Client had also violated his probation by not paying his fines and not reporting for almost over a year. At the probation revocation hearing, Counsel successfully argued that Client should be given time served. The Judge agreed and dismissed the Client's probation after payment of the fines.

State v. M.C., Henry County State Court

In 2008, the Client was convicted of multiple counts of Mandatory Education for Children. She was sentenced to 32 months of probation as well as fines and other conditions. In 2009, the Court granted the Client's Motion for New Trial and later the Client pled to one count of Mandatory Education for Children and was sentenced to 12 months of probation plus fines and other conditions. All of these events occurred prior to counsel being retained. In 2010, Client hired Counsel to represent her for a Probation Violation due to being arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Counsel investigated her case and realized that the Client should no longer be on probation as she had complied with all probation conditions since 2008. After two hearings on the matter, the Court agreed and terminated the Client's probation.

State v. K.K., Henry County Superior Court

Client was arrested on theft charges which also resulted in a Probation Violation. Counsel worked to have the underlying theft charges dismissed. Once Counsel presented the State with the dismissal, the State allowed Client to pay his remaining fines and Client was released from jail.