Nicolle Ramsey - Drug Charges

State v. J.K., Henry County Superior Court

Client was arrested for felony possession of marijuana following a search of his home. Officers entered the Client's home despite the roommate denying consent to search. Officers claimed that exigent circumstances were present. A motion to suppress was filed and after a lengthy hearing, the Judge granted the motion suppressing the evidence against the Client. The State dismissed all charges against Client.

State v. K.T., Coweta County Superior Court

Client was arrested on felony forgery charges, as well as obtaining drugs by fraud. The Client was accused of altering her prescription for pain pills. Counsel advised client to obtain a substance abuse evaluation and follow up with recommended treatment. Counsel spoke with the prosecutor and after a lengthy discussion, all charges against the Client were dismissed.

State v. R.M., Henry County State Court

The Client was a passenger in a vehicle at his friend's house while sitting in the driveway. A marijuana cigarette was allegedly being smoked in the vehicle when the officer walked up to the vehicle and opened the door. The Client was arrested for possession of marijuana. Counsel filed a motion to suppress and argued that the officer did not have the right to open the door of the vehicle without a warrant or exigent circumstances. The Judge granted the motion and the State dismissed the charges.